Do You Need a Medical Cannabis Prescription?
Apply for a Personal Grow Your Own Cannabis [ACMPR] License
Is Medical Cannabis a Good Option for You?
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Cool Kind Provides Confidential,
Safe & Compassionate Access To Medical Marijuana

Step 1

Submit Assessment Form for your ACMPR Application
You will be requested to submit an assessment form based on your inquiry. You will include your contact details and your medical history and treatment, along with your preferred contact method, day and time.

Step 2

Review Your Medical Case
We will download your Asssessment Form with attached ID and health records. Then one of our cannabis doctors will study your medical case and you may be contacted for further details. The Doctor will decide the best course of treatment. The treatment he prescribes to you will be used to apply for your ACMPR License.

Step 3

Appointment with a Doctor
After reviewing your Assessment Form and medical documents, we will coordinate with you on the best time to arrange a video appointment with one of our doctors to provide you with a cannabis prescription. The prescription enables you to get an ACMPR License to grow your own cannabis.

Step 4

Get Your Cannabis Prescription
Cool Kind will make sure you will get your medical Cannabis either by growing it yourself or from one of the ACMPR licensed producers in Canada. Our Doctor will send your prescription via express mail and you will receive it within a few days after your video appointment.

Have a Question?

Your questions are our priority. Contact us anytime, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


What customers and producers say about Cool Kind

Cool Kind made the ACMPR process quick and easy for me and
I’d recommend them to anyone I know.
Ryan Haplin

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