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Grow Your Medical Cannabis Legally in Canada

Health Canada ACMPR Application

Since 2017, Health Canada approved the production of medical cannabis for medical reasons. In order to grow cannabis for your personal use, you will need to submit an ACMPR application and fulfill all the requirements under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations.

Cool Kind will help you to produce your own medical cannabis according to your medical case. This will be done after getting your application and making sure you have all the proper documentation. We will then connect you to a special physician who will assess your case and provide you with the best prescription. Cool kind will guarantee to run this process efficiently and as quick as possible to avoid any hassle or frustration.

What makes Cool Kind different

What makes Cool Kind different

  • Excellent guidance

We will help you through the qualifications to get your ACMPR license to grow.

  • Quick service

We will make sure you get your ACMPR license as quick as possible.

  • Expert Doctors

Our physicians are fully aware of different symptoms that can be treated by medical cannabis and will help you with the right prescription.

ACMPR License Process

Cool Kind provides confidential, safe & compassionate access to medical marijuana.

Step 1

Submit Assessment Form for your ACMPR Application
You will be requested to submit an assessment form based on your inquiry. You will include your contact details and your medical history and treatment, along with your preferred contact method, day and time.

Step 2

Review Your Medical Case
We will download your Asssessment Form with attached ID and health records. Then one of our cannabis doctors will study your medical case and you may be contacted for further details. The Doctor will decide the best course of treatment. The treatment he prescribes to you will be used to apply for your ACMPR License.

Step 3

Appointment with a Doctor
After reviewing your Assessment Form and medical documents, we will coordinate with you on the best time to arrange a video appointment with one of our doctors to provide you with a cannabis prescription. The prescription enables you to get an ACMPR License to grow your own cannabis.

Step 4

Get Your Cannabis Prescription
Cool Kind will make sure you will get your medical Cannabis either by growing it yourself or from one of the ACMPR licensed producers in Canada. Our Doctor will send your prescription via express mail and you will receive it within a few days after your video appointment.


Potentially, the Doctor will give you a prescription for an amount of grams per day and you are allowed to grow approximately 5 times this number in plants. For example, a 30 gram per day prescription will grant the patient the right to grow 146 plants indoors.

Yes, when filling out the ACMPR forms, you will have the option of having an indoor, outdoor or indoor and outdoor licence. Please note that plant counts and storage limits are different with each option.

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Our goal is to make accessing a cannabis educated doctor a comfortable and easy experience. You can relax and focus on your health, knowing that all laws are being respected and your information is safe.

Cool Kind will help every step of the way! You can rest assured that your safety and privacy will be treated with the utmost respect while remaining confidentially with our team.

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