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In August 2016, the Canadian Government announced that all access to medical marijuana would be available through those holding an ACMPR license (which stands for “Accessing Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations”). The change in the law meant that Canadians had to obtain their medical marijuana only through a licensed producer, holding the ACMPR certification. The change in the law was to ensure that a regulatory body was present to manage the production, sale and distribution
How exactly does medical cannabis work?  How does this little plant help people suffering from both physical and mental pain? You will be surprised to know that people have been using marijuana for thousands of years to stop pain and fight inflammation. Only recently, has it entered the mainstream. And learning why and how it works is important. Understanding How Medical Marijuana Works Firstly, it is essential to know about the components of the cannabis
With medical marijuana having a foothold in Canada, there has been a rise of new products. While they will help you with your medical issues, these products are all very different from each other in how they are consumed and their effects. We have four of the best products you have to try in Canada. The Four ACMPR Approved Medical Marijuana Products You Must Try Marijuana Capsules Perhaps one of the newer options available on
With the arrival of recreational marijuana, the landscape for people requiring medical cannabis changed forever. But despite the suspicion that people will turn to recreational products instead of medical options, this theory has been proven wrong. 4 Reasons Why People Still Choose Medical Marijuana Over Recreational Marijuana People Know What Is In Their MedicineAll medical marijuana that is sold by ACMPR approved producers are subject to strict regulations by Health Canada for all the products
Despite being available for a long time, people are still confused about what makes marijuana work. This 101 breakdown will be able to help you understand the more delicate details in case you need it. The Medical Marijuana 101 Breakdown What Are The Main Components Of Marijuana? There are two main components of marijuana. The first is THC (short for tetrahydrocannabinol) and is responsible for the ‘high’ feeling that people get when inducing it. The