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Frequently Asked Questions

An ACMPR License allows you to either grow your own cannabis plants at home, have a designated person grow cannabis plants for you or for you to purchase medical cannabis from a Licensed Producer.

Potentially, the Doctor will give you a prescription for an amount of grams per day and you are allowed to grow approximately 5 times this number in plants. For example, a 30 gram per day prescription will grant the patient the right to grow 146 plants indoors.

Yes, when filling out the ACMPR forms, you will have the option of having an indoor, outdoor or indoor and outdoor licence. Please note that plant counts and storage limits are different with each option.

There are several Licenced Producers that can supply you with starting material as well as cannabis while you’re waiting on your first crop.

There are a number or laboratories that will test your marijuana. Click here for a list of such laboratories.

You need a prescription to be able to access and purchase correct quality controlled cannabis products that are specific to treating your particular ailment. Cannabis products are not the same or have the same effect and some products are only available for medical cannabis. With a prescription your dosage is properly regulated.

A prescription also allows you the rights to carry certain amounts of marijuana on your person without being detained or questioned. It also gives you legitimate clearance in employment situations for the necessity of using it that recreationally would not.

As well, if you are growing your own cannabis and you need to grow more than the allowable amount of plants without a license, you would need a medical cannabis prescription that would allow you to grow more plants than the recreational grower.

The cost for medical cannabis is set by the individual Licensed Producers (LP). Current cost ranges between $5 and $15 a gram. This will depend on the licensed producer selected and whether or not you qualify for compassionate care programs (note: not all LPs have these). Most patients will use less than 1 gram a day.

Various surveys published in peer reviewed literature have suggested that the majority of people using inhaled or orally ingested cannabis for medical purposes reported using approximately 1-3 grams of cannabis per day. In our experience, most patients will receive maximum benefit from using less than 1 gram a day. There is a possession cap of the less than 150 grams or 30 times the prescribed daily amount. Additionally medical documents can be written for no longer than 12 months at one time, though this is rare.

Prescription cannabinoids and medical cannabis have been shown effective in improving symptoms of ailments for which a number of first line treatments have failed. Symptoms included (but are not limited to) sleep issues, mood, pain management, appetite, nausea, and vomiting. Prescription cannabinoids and medical cannabis are not first line treatments for any of these conditions and will be considered only after these traditional treatments have failed.

As per Health Canada’s regulations you can order up to a 30 day supply or 150 grams at a time. Patients may order as many times as they wish within their 30 day limit.

Here is an example. If your doctor’s authorization on the medical document is for 2 grams/day then your monthly allowance is 60 grams (2 grams x 30 days). You can order the entire amount, or break it into a few orders throughout the month. Patients with limits greater than 5 grams per day will need to order multiple times within the 30 day limit due to the 150 gram maximum.

Fill in our Assessment Intake Form. Once it has been reviewed and we have confirmed you are a candidate for medical cannabis use, the next step is to get booked for a video conference appointment with the Doctor who will give you the prescription.

If your questions are not answered within 24 hours then please contact us

Cool Kind support team or call 1-866-431-0007.