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Who are we?

Coolkind.ca is a registered Canadian company that offers people a variety of clinical products and services. Our products are specific to health, wellness and personal growth.

Our main objective is to help people to have a life free of pain, full of health and spiritual growth.

If you are looking for medical cannabis or you want to have a personal use grow licenseCool Kind will do our best to help you in every step of the way! You can rest assured that your safety and privacy will be treated with the utmost respect while remaining confidentially with our team.

We can connect you to the most trusted ACMPR licensed producers in Canada. Also if you are thinking of grow cannabis legally, we can help you apply for an ACMPR license and we will make sure that you are eligible and meet ACMPR rules & regulations. Our company works together with Health Canada and Licensed Producers to provide you support for using medical cannabis in your day to day routine.

Our base is in Calgary and our services are available across Canada. In the near future, we will have offices in different locations around Canada to continually provide you better services.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to build a better and healthy future for our clients and partners who are suffering from ailments such as diabetes, chronic pain, high blood pressure, constant headaches, muscle problems, cancer, and the list goes on. We want you to live a much richer, fuller life where you can finally go on those walks without pain, you can participate in sports you couldn’t before, and wake up feeling rejuvenated, rested and not suffering the effects of mainstream medication.
We will make sure accessing a cannabis prescription or connecting with an educated cannabis doctor, will be a comfortable and easy experience. You can relax and focus on your health, knowing that we follow all laws, and that they are being respected and that your information is kept safe and confidential.

Our Doctors

Cool Kind is a natural health services provider in Calgary. We have a team of experienced knowledgeable doctors and nurses who have decades of experience in medical cannabis. Our consultants can help you by assessing your medical case and referring you to a special cannabis physician when it’s needed.

Our doctors are legally authorized to examine patients through a video call and can help each patient get their prescription for medicinal cannabis which can either be grown at home, grown by someone for you, or filled at any licensed producer in Canada.

Our team of professionals can schedule an appointment and book you in with a doctor within 3 to 5 business days once you have applied online with our Assessment Registration Form. We will help you step by step to obtain your prescription and make sure you get treated fairly.

Our goal is to make accessing a cannabis educated doctor a comfortable and easy experience. You can relax and focus on your health, knowing that all laws are being respected and your information is safe.